WiseFolderHiderPro Full Version Crack Free download

WiseFolderHiderPro Full Version is a versatile application that is used to protect your private information from any damage. This application can easily hide your private data and documents from other people. The product provides you complete privacy and your required images or videos are in great security. For the protection it also gives you the feature that you add password or other lock patterns in your device. The application also protects the data and the images from the hackers and other people that want to see it. In this way all your images or documents are hidden from the rest of the word except you.

This application also gives you the authority that you add a name to your hidden file for your knowledge. You can also delete your data safely when you want to do this. The application also contains some of the advanced features that help you to save your data. Sometimes you have to convert your data into other devices with the help of the USB. At the stage your data is at the risk of damage and other people can see it easily. If you download this application and add a passport to your selective data then no one can see it.Your data is safe enough that if you USB is lost your data would not be damage.

This user easily hide their data and files with just a single click. The application is completely safe, and it does not cause any damage to the quality of the documents. The program also gives you the opportunity to add more than one password to your hidden files. It also permits you to convert your data into codes or to make encrypted files. All these processes occur very quickly and it does not waste your time. You can easily download it on your device without any problem. Everyone can use it easily. If you like working then download it.

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